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Learning a Language

Language is a fun thing that constantly evolves and just when you think you have learned it another things changes. That applies not only to a person’s native language but to any language they are trying to learn. I believe that learning a language means opening your brain up to new knowledge and having everything that you knew before recategorized. Most of the time its the best thing that happens to you but there are some days when your brain goes, “Can I not today?”.

Today I want to talk about how I go about learning a language and the ups and downs that come with it. For starters, I am a person that relies more on auditory and visual learning and have a slight anxiety about actually speaking, in fear of making a massive slip. What has worked for me here in Korea is language exchanges, meeting with Korean people who wish to learn English and then me who wants to learn Korean. On Tuesdays I meet with a teacher who already speaks English but helps me with my conversational Korean and Thursdays I meet with a girl close to my age who speaks about as much English as I do Korean. Both are different and equally as beneficial due to the fact that I learn different things with each person. One is about the grammar, proper sentence structure and pronunciation while the other is casual banter which ends up centering around vocabulary.

I want to be at a certain level of proficiency and I find that sometimes I get frustrated when I am not progressing as quickly or as accurately as I initially pictured. That being said this language exchange set up has great things in store for me and I plan to give updates on my progress at the 3 month, 6 month and 1 year mark. Mainly to see how far I have come in the course of a year and share the ways that have worked for me in terms of learning Korean. So to all you language learners out there…

Get to it!

Hours and Miles

Every once in a while I think that is good to have a reflective piece rather than an experience piece. While some people only write about the bright and shining events in their travels, my goal is to address every aspect of moving abroad with sincerity and that includes the emotions.

As I have mention in a past post, I have always wanted to teach abroad, see the world, and have an “Eat, Pray, Love” type of experience. However, leaving people, security, and things behind is easier said than done as I can go from being excited as hell to thinking what am I going to do if I can’t talk to my family daily. It’s part of growing up, spreading your wings and leaving the nest, but it’s also a process.

Hours and Miles, comes from a realization that the only thing that separates me physically from my loves ones is the hour difference of living in different countries and the miles it takes to get to Korea. It DOES NOT, though, change any of the feelings I have for my loved ones so putting it in this perspective, life really won’t change!

So if you worry about the changes in life as you head off to new things, think, what really changes? Just the Hours and Miles!