Coronacation 2020

With the last few weeks being ones that were out of the ordinary I have found myself at home often very bored. Well that was in the beginning but now that I have found a way to change my mentality and that was all thanks to a new co-worker of mine. I’m not on a full quarantine as I still have had to go into work for training and other things and Korea didn’t really mandate it either.

Han River Park

I am now into week…3..4.. (I’ve lost track) of this semi- self-quarantine with some days seeing me go into work and other days popping out for some fresh air. The other day I was talking to a coworker who is a bit older than me and we were talking about this forced vacation time and how we had lost all of our break time for the rest of the year because of it. Then she said something that struck me as a good lesson (and because I’m home I thought I’d share it). She said that she was really bitter about having to take this break now and not being about to have the other time off that she wanted… that was until she decided to approach it another way. She said that at first she was really bitter about it as she had many things planned for the year and not getting paid was something she was really annoyed about. Instead she realized that for the first time in 10 years she had a break where she couldn’t go anywhere and where it would be better to stay at home. She decided that as she had rarely spent any time for personal growth and reflective time. Once she realized this she decided to took into free professional development seminars and other reading materials that could help her grow as a person both personally and professionally.

Up until this point I had just been watching Netlix non-stop and in general had been complaining to my parents about losing all my vacation time, being bored, getting lazier by the minute. It wasn’t until I was talking to this co-worker that I realized I didn’t have to be bored or lazy rather that I was choosing too. While I am already back at work part-time I still have 7 more days of being at home before I’m back to full-time work. I knew that I can’t keep this lazy routine up mainly because I’m not someone who can just watch Netflix every day for hours and be content with that so I made a list of things I wanted to learn or things that I could watch that would give me knowledge I didn’t have before.

The first one was a subscription to MasterClass and I have to say it is probably one of the best ways to “waste” time as you can watch so many classes taught by famous people in different area’s of expertise. Right now I am obsessed with Jimmy Chin’s class on adventure photography, Margret Atwood’s class on creative writing, and Massimo Bottura’s class on modern Italian cooking, just to name a few. There ton’s of other categories to choose from as well!

The second is podcasts and daily chores. I made these two a combination as somedays I’ll just listen to the podcasts, do the dish, laundry, prepare materials for my classes and so on or do some sort of indoor exercise (still accompanied by a trusty podcast). This particular one is important because what I didn’t do the first couple of weeks was stick to a schedule. I was staying up all night and then sleeping all day… in general I just slept a lot. (Thanks Mom and Dad for calling me and reminding me to stick to a schedule)

Last, I’ve been reviewing material from undergrad years as a way of prepping to go back and get my masters degree in the next couple of years. Not only that, but I have decided to get back into the habit of self-studying, specifically brushing up on Italian (lord know how bad I am at it these days) and well as powering through learning Korean (oh, there is much to learn).

I think that though many of us are stressed and worried at this time, there are also a lot of positive ways to spend this time and use it as personal growth! Expect some other back log posts in the coming weeks as a way of giving you a break from other things going on in your day! (maybe even a video or two!)


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