[Backlogs] Year One and a Half

It’s many months past the year mark but better late than never! I have been neglecting to post and it has been almost a full year since my previous post as I keep finding an excuse to put off writing. “Oh, I’m too busy”, “No one reads my posts anyway”, etc. As it goes I have decided that I would stop the procrastinating and get on with it!

Over a year, huh. When I was in elementary school and middle school I would complain that a year lasted way too long and when adults would say “This year went by so fast”, I would look at them like an alien popped out of their head. Now I know that time does, in fact, pass by because we are busy with our personal things from day to day that the time just passes by. It’s hard to believe that I have been in Korea as long as I have and that I have lived in America in so long. Sure, I do go home for a week long visit once a year but most of my time is spent living my life far from the familiar and I’m happy to say I think I’ m thriving!

If you have ever considered living abroad for a little bit or awhile I would say do it. I can definitely say that not everyone has a positive experience but I think that everyone grows in some way from it or comes to appreciate where they came from more because of it! Teaching in Korea is wonderful and I couldn’t enjoy it more.

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