Jindo Sea Parting Festival: The 2018 Back Logs

I’m so late in getting this post up and sadly I have neglected to post in lord knows how long. However, now that I have settled better into my life here in Korea, I have more time to post about my weekend endeavors. The Jindo Sea Parting Festival (진도 신비의바닷길축제) was from May 16th~19th, 2018 and while the sea did not actually part that year, … Continue reading Jindo Sea Parting Festival: The 2018 Back Logs

Gyeongbukgung Adventures

My adventure to Gyeongbukgung Palace was well over a month ago and with the helter-skelter that has been my work life as of late, I have seriously neglected to put anything up. For those of you who have followed me thus far, sorry, I swear I haven’t dropped off the face of the planet! Anyway, back to the important stuff! On one of my many … Continue reading Gyeongbukgung Adventures

Learning a Language

Language is a fun thing that constantly evolves and just when you think you have learned it another things changes. That applies not only to a person’s native language but to any language they are trying to learn. I believe that learning a language means opening your brain up to new knowledge and having everything that you knew before recategorized. Most of the time its … Continue reading Learning a Language

Pyeongchang 2018- Getting There!

One of my dreams growing up was to go to the Olympics and see the USA win a gold medal, and while I didn’t get to see a gold medal match I did get the opportunity to watch the US Men’s Hockey team take on Slovakia (and win I might add). There is something surreal about being in another country and watching your homeland team … Continue reading Pyeongchang 2018- Getting There!